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Formerly known as fdx, Fedex service from china is a global provider of transportation, logistics, e-commerce, and supply chain management services. The company provides customers with integrated business solutions through a network of independent subsidiaries. Let’s learn about the Shipping cost for fedex, the required time for Fedex shipping delivery from china to the USA, and the restricted goods from fedex delivery from china to thein this blog.

Fedex China: Import from China to USA

Fedex service from china” is the fastest service option in the FedEx International Express service. The company services are including “limited time delivery, agent clearance, door-to-door service, and pre-arranged for each shipment not exceeding 68 kg.

Why choose Fedex service from china to the USA?

The price list of fedx service  from china to various cities in the United States, what is the lowest and most favorable discount fee per kilogram? There are warehouses in shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong for direct delivery. The minimum weight is 0.5 kg, and the maximum weight is 5000 kg. The price of international express delivery to FedEx in the United States is the cheapest among all companies.

What is the shipping cost for fedex?

Shipping cost for fedex exports international express door-to-door price list less than 21 kg in accordance with 0.5 as a unit to calculate the cost. The price for each additional 0.5 kg unlike a DHL international express so much money fixed by, you will find that careful comparison. For every 0.5 kilograms, some increase the RMB by over 20, while others only increase by more than 10 RMB. The discount price of more than 21 kg is very low, suitable for customers who buy goods on Taobao in the United States.



FedEx international express price list from China to the United States

The price on the FedEx international express price list from China to the United States does not include the FedEx fuel surcharge for the current month. When calculating the total express shipping cost, it needs to be multiplied by the FedEx fuel surcharge for the current month. For example, the price of 8 kg of goods from Shanghai to Fedex in Miami is RMB 356.6*117%=417.22 RMB, not 356.6 RMB.

Among all the four major international express delivery, fast parcel delivery Fedex service from china. FedEx is generally the most cost-effective choice. Compared with Taobao’s official shipping price, FedEx also has its advantages. The length exceeds 120CM, and the weight of a single piece exceeds 68 kg; products with built-in batteries can be transported. Delivery is convenient and simple.

FedEx Express to the United States

ted States In addition to the above prices apply to general goods, such as food, snacks, cosmetics, etc. FedEx import from china China to the United States international express prices cannot be used for these products. These products require separate information Cape International Logistics Business.

How long does Fedex from china take?

Fedex service from china is the eastern and western parts of the United States:

(1) Economic services (FEDEX-IE), the time limit is 7-10 days.

(2) Fast service (FEDEX-IP), the time limit is 4-5 days.

The express rate from the Federal to the Western United States! The rate is better than that of the Eastern United States, and the transit time is 1-2 days faster. So if it is a western location, you can choose express delivery; if you are not in a hurry, you can also choose. After all, the federal rate is cheap.

 Restricted goods for Fedex to the USA?

Dangerous goods, liquids, powders, gambling equipment, engines, motors, etc.

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